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Blossom would make a wonderful pet. She`s 80. We are a very Hands-On rabbitry because we raise rabbits for show breeding and for pets. Our bunnies are handled daily we grow a lot of their own food.

Broken black tort holland lop

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She is always checking on her babies and feeding them all the time. Lothlorien kindled 5 gorgeous babies, awesome for her first time mom. I love her chunky kits!!! -Broken Tort-Tort-Broken Orange-broken black-broken sable point-black otter-blue tort-broken blue tort-broken chestnut HOLLAND LOPS Holland lops are known for there very sweet and docile temperaments, being extremely easy to handle and keep for first time rabbit owners. Holland lops are the smallest of the lop eared rabbits equivalent to the "mini lop", reaching a mature weight of 3-4 pounds depending on rabbit. Holland Lop Colors. There are many colors of Holland Lops that can be shown.

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Website: Facebook: h We have a Broen Black Tort Holland Lop Buck available!! :) Name: Fisher Farm's Cort purebred / Male / pedigreed DOB ~ 02-19-12 Color ~ Broken Black Tort Future weight ~ 3 1/2 lbs. ~ Brood (possibly Show!) / Pet ~ *He is a sweet guy that likes lots of attention!

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They have individual personalities. Some are quiet and calm, some are real clowns. Black tort, tortoise shell, Madagascar are all the same color with Madagascar being darker. The most common color you would see a Holland in is tort. The black tort being the most common and know simply as tort.

Broken black tort holland lop

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Blue Tort - Holly's Cinnamon. Holland Lop: American Fuzzy Lop: Color at Birth: Black Tortoise Shell aka: Black Tort, Madagascar aaB_C_D_ee Tort can vary in intentsity with madagascar being darkest. The black tort, is simplely know as tort.

~5th SJB at Day After Nationals Specialty 2019. Although my rabbits are Holland lops, other rabbit breeds have the same colors though the precise color names and recognized colors may differ. Included in this rabbit color chart is orange, cream, frosty, chinchilla, chestnut, opal, sable point, black tort, blue tort, chocolate tort, lilac, black, blue, chocolate, blue eyed white (BEW), ruby eyed Sep 28, 2018 - I'm a rabbit breeder located in Southern Ontario. I breed Mini Rex & Holland Lop rabbits as a hobby.
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VM Broken Blue  Broken opal holland lop Hello everybuns and humans, my name is Miffy. The colors we produce are: torts, black, blue, blue tort, chestnut, chinchilla, lilac,  Holland Lop. Solid Pattern, Broken Pattern. Four Class. Chestnut Agouti, Chocolate Agouti, Chinchilla,. Chocolate Chinchilla, Lynx, Opal, Squirrel, Black/ Orange  I got into breeding Holland Lops in the beginning of 2017:) When we moved out He's a really sweet Broken Black Tort Holland Lop, he's around 5 years old. RL Rabbitry | Rabbits: Quietcreek's Creed, a pint sized Blue Tort Holland Lop buck November 7, 2015 he was bred with QC's Bordon (black tort) doe & Bordon's daughter, RL Rabbitry's Chunky Monkey so Broken Orange Holland Lop. Bunnies, rabbits, lop eared bunnies, holland lops, holland lop bunnies, white. Fluffy Bunny Black bunnies, white bunnies , broken tort Holland lop bunnies, lop.

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Feel free to pm for more details. SUBSCRIBE Sign up to receive our store newsletter! WinstonsHollandLops > Holland Lop Rabbit - Broken Black . Holland Lop Rabbit - Broken B Ornament (Oval) $7.19 Holland Lop. Junior broken tort Holland Lop buck.

Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie,  Broken Black Holland Lop Bunnies available to … or broken), including black, orange, fawn, blue, agouti, chinchilla, red-eyed white, blue and black torts. Varieties: Broken Tort, Broken Black Tort, Black Tort and Tort Netherland Dwarfs and Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Mini Rex & Holland Lop, Holland Lops in  Holland Mini-Lop, Florida » North Miami, I have 2 fuzzy lop bunnies $30 each. I also have a litter of rare blue eyed broken tort, vienna marked black tort with blue   Holland Lops come in many different colors. Here are some examples (these are either BunnyLops rabbits, or rabbits purchased by BunnyLops): “Self” Group & Brokens within that group: BLACK, followed by Broken Black The most common color in holland lops, Black torts are well developed and easy to find in good form. Though they may appear to be shaded, they do not possess any shaded genes.